Okitoo Web features

Real-time Synchronisation

Annotate any CAD plan, photography, image, document live and in real time. Each guest can comment and view the annotations the other guests made (or are making). Watch a video

Annotation Layer

Each collaborator is allocated their own mark-up layer. With the “show and hide” layer feature, you know who is doing (did) what.

Document Layer

This features is such convenient to compare two documents and detect differences.

Mark-up tools to not miss anything

Add as many details on your document as you want using the mark-up tools. You can also create mark-up and attach PDFs, photos or any type of documents.

Annotation list

A PDF report is created at the end of each collaborative session with the list of mark-ups.

Project library

All project documents are stored in an easily accessible library. It will be no longer necessary to set up user accounts to FTP sever thus saving valuable time.


The software is available in several languages and unit of measure (cm, inch, pixel).


All communications between users and the server are encrypted so it is safe and secure by using HTTPS.


The web-based application is fully customizable and can be integrated to your dedicated server. Any question, please ask.