Sketch, comment, measure in real time
Sketch, comment, measure in real time

okitoo is web mobile based application that enables a group of people to draw, comment, measure any PDF documents and images in real time.

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🚀 Boost your productivity

It is high time to be productive with the okitoo service. Now you can meet online, share CAD files, track mark-up, manage remote teams, anywhere, anytime.

👍 Easy and effective

The okitoo service will bring innovative and bright solutions to your company to improve your collaborative work and enhance your project communication.

🔆 Carbon footprint

okitoo the best way to reduce your carbon footprint. If you personally want to contribute to stop global warming think about using okitoo to annotate document live.

Multiple markup layers

Each user is allocated their own markup layer. It's very easy to track and review drawing and comments by toggling the visibility of the layers

Markup and annotation layers
Measure area and length


Taking measurements is quite easy with okitoo™. You can measure everything on a floor plan : the length and width of the floors, the height and width of the walls, the locations of windows, doors, lights, vents and plugs and their dimensions.

Awesome real time

Now you are able to work together remotely. Annotate any CAD plan, photography, image, document live and in real time. Each guest can comment and view the annotations the other guests made (or are making).

Annotation in real time
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Annotation esquisse
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